Extrication Preparedness: Hand Tools

Motor Vehicle Fire Rescue Crash Kit

When you are called for a motor vehicle accident with entrapment, a bumch of things run through your mind. What time of day is it? Where is the incident? How many occupants? what kind of vehicle? How is the car orientated? How are we going to position the apparatus? What tools and equipment will I need on scene after the scene size up?

Some of the tools you may need are basic hand tools. If they are all contained in one place that is labeled this is a much more effective way to disperse them on the scene. If you look at the MV Crash Kit from Howell Rescue Systems, it contains all the essential hand tools and more you will need. A Glass Removal Tool w/extra blade, MP-1000 Blanket, Patient Shield, V-Blade Seat Belt Cutter, Battery Cable Cutter, 9 ½” Griplocks, 8” Adj. Wrench, Hacksaw & 2 blades, Spring Window Punch w/magnetic holder, Plug Pattie w/gloves 12” Pry Bar, Auto Writer (yel), & Utility Knife in Storage/carrying Pouch.

Take a look at the MV Crash Kit and Mini Crash Kit from Howellrescuesupply.com