5 Things You Should Look for in Gas Detection Products

What do I need to be looking for when thinking about investing in a toxic gas leak detection system?

We at Duffy Supply get that question all the time. Below are 5 Features to look for in your gas detection equipment.

When deciding what type of gas monitoring system to purchase, it’s important to keep some things in mind.

Fixed Gas leaks with high levels of combustible gases are tremendously dangerous scenarios, and with multiple types of hazardous gas it can be hard to detect exactly what you’re dealing with. Continuous monitoring while on site is essential. With a wide range of gas detectors available through multiple manufacturers, how are you to know which of the brands to buy from?

The five things to consider when looking at portable gas detection equipment are below:

1. Accuracy

2. Speed

3. Reliability

4. Usability

5. Cross-Sensitivity


If you’re testing for the presence of toxic gases, you need to be accurate. That’s why it’s the most valuable trait to us here at Duffy Supply, and why you need to make sure the gas leak detection equipment you’re buying is accurate. If the gas tubes, multi gas detector, or single gas sensor are not on top of their game, someone’s life may be at risk. Once the device senses the endangering level of potentially combustible gas, it should sound off to notify those in the vicinity. Find an accurate gas detector.


Drager gas detection products have a prolonged shelf life, and regularly testing your equipment through bump testing or calibrations will help guarantee that your equipment is up to the task of quickly testing the environment around you. This will help you identify whether or not there is a toxic problem. The speed of gas leak detection equipment more often than not saves lives. The speed of a gas monitor, coupled with Accuracy and Reliability are the big three consideration points when purchasing from a gas detection supplier.


For the most reliable name in gas leak detectors, we turned to Drager to help us become one of the most trusted gas detection suppliers in the United States. The reliability of their equipment is unmatched. Rigorous testing of sensors and each individual part of their toxic gas detection lineup is standard, and contributes to a set of portable gas detectors applicable for any scenario. The monitors and systems produced by Drager allow you to easily replace sensors or filters as well, should circumstances necessitate, all of which is readily available for purchase online.


A comprehensive approach to operation of portable gas detection equipment is paramount for reliable results and speed of operation. Intuitive operation of Drager gas detection systems is essential to us. Drager has made instructional manuals and literature for each of their gas detection products readily available online and it has contributed to the overall comprehensive nature of their line of toxic gas detection equipment. All you need to do to educate members of your department, staff, or industry on the operation of your gas monitoring system is visit the Drager Fire Service website, or reach out to our team at Duffy Supply and request information.


If the gases present in your workplace vary day-to-day, it’s a good idea to invest in a gas detection system that will make it easy to broadly span a variety of toxic gases and vapors. There are many single use and multi-use gas detectors that can span a broad range of gases and vapors, but to cover the most ground, gas detection tubes may be your best bet. Consult with the safety director for best practice and what the standard of procedure should be.

Who we are

In any gas detection scenario, the goal of the operation is safety, efficiency, and a positive outcome. Trying to find the right gas detection system can be very difficult, and we at Duffy Supply understand that. Our team is made up of members long established in the Fire Service industry, and we’re sure that we’ll be able to assist you in your efforts to develop a gas monitoring system that works for you.

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