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Leatherhead Tools Now Available at

Leatherhead Tools is proud to be selling Leatherhead Tools. Leatherhead Tools is an American manufacturer of high quality tools serving firefighters, rescue personnel, law enforcement, SWAT teams and the United States military. Tradesmen using high-carbon U.S. steel and age-old forging methods build our tools. We utilize the latest technology in fiberglass manufacturing to add features like […]

How to Clean for Covid-19

Ecolab Neutral 1 Gallon Concentrate

With many small businesses opening up throughout the United States after stay at home orders have been lifted, many individuals are wondering how exactly they should effectively disinfect their company’s surfaces that customers will interact with daily. The below steps are needed to disinfect effectively: Wear Disposable gloves to clean and disinfect Clean surfaces using […]

Do Draeger tubes expire?

Draeger Tubes have a shelf life of 2 years. To see your Draeger tubes expiration date, check the box your tubes were shipped in, because the expiration dates are stamped on the sides of the boxes when they are shipping out. The Natural Gas Draeger Tube is the only exception to the two year shelf […]

What is high angle rope rescue?

A rope rescue scenario is considered high angle when efforts are made to secure and rescue a patient on terrain where the slope is greater than 60 degrees or more. This type of sloped terrain necessitates hoisting patients from one secure level to another through the use of pulleys, ropes, harnesses, belay devices, team coordination, […]

How does a gas sensor work?

In order to identify, detect, measure, and confirm the presence of gases in an industrial setting, a gas sensor is needed. Based on the volume and concentration of a gas in an area, the sensor will produce what is called a “corresponding potential difference,” which changes the level of resistance of the material inside the […]

What are the 4 types of PPE?

The 4 types of PPE are Noise, Skin, Eye & Face, and Respiratory Protection. Below are links to the NIOSH standards for each type, developed in conjunction with the CDC. Respiratory: Eye & Face: There are 4 levels of PPE according to OSHA/NIOSH standards that should be followed as best practice […]

What is Lel in gas?

propane car explosion

“LEL” is an acronym which stands for “Lower Explosive Limit.” The lower explosive limit is the absolute lowest concentration, in percentage, of a gas or a vapor in an environment that would be able to ignite and procure a flash fire in the presence of heat, flame, or an arc. Gas-detection systems present the wearer […]