What are the 4 types of PPE?

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The 4 types of PPE are Noise, Skin, Eye & Face, and Respiratory Protection. Below are links to the NIOSH standards for each type, developed in conjunction with the CDC.

Respiratory: https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/respirators/
Eye & Face: https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/eye/
Skin: https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/protclothing/
Noise: https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/noise/

There are 4 levels of PPE according to OSHA/NIOSH standards that should be followed as best practice after the onsite incident commander defines the situation and determines what level is required.

Hard hat and gloves: Basic PPE

The 4 levels are:k PPE

  • Level B: This protection is worn when the highest level of respiratory protection is needed, but a lesser level of skin and eye protection is needed. This level protection is the minimum level that is recommended on initial site entries until the main hazards have been further identified and defined through sampling, reliable methods of analysis, monitoring and associated equipment utilized. Appropriate Level B protection includes:
    • SCBA (NIOSH approved), Positive-pressure (pressure-demand), or a positive pressure supplied-air respirator with escape SCBA
    • Inner chemical resistant gloves
    • Outer chemical resistant gloves
    • Chemical resistant clothing (overalls and long-sleeved jacket, hooded two-piece chemical splash suit, disposable chemical-resistant coveralls, coveralls, and long-sleeved jacket)
    • Boots, outer, chemical resistant, steel toe, and shank
  • Level C: This protection should be worn when there is a known type of airborne substance presence with the concentration measured, criteria for using air-purifying respirators are met, and skin and eye exposure is unlikely. Remember that periodic monitoring of the air must be administered in order to maintain Level C protocol. Typical equipment includes:
    • Full-face or half mask with a NIOSH approved air-purifying respirator
    • Chemical resistant clothing (one-piece coverall, hooded two-piece chemical splash suit, chemical resistant hood apron, disposable chemical-resistant coveralls)
    • Outer chemical resistant gloves
    • Inner chemical resistant gloves
    • Boots that are steel toe and shank, and chemically resistant
  • Level D: This protection primarily consists of a work uniform and is used for nuisance contamination only. It requires only coveralls and safety shoes/boots. Other PPE is based depending upon the situation (types of gloves, etc.) This protection should not be worn on any site where skin hazards and respiratory dangers exist.

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