What is high angle rope rescue?


A rope rescue scenario is considered high angle when efforts are made to secure and rescue a patient on terrain where the slope is greater than 60 degrees or more.

This type of sloped terrain necessitates hoisting patients from one secure level to another through the use of pulleys, ropes, harnesses, belay devices, team coordination, patient litters and other types of hauling tools.

Below are some excellent kits used for high angle rope rescue situations.

HRS Slope Evacuation Kit: $1300.00

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HRS Slope Evacuation Kit

This slope evacuation kit provides emergency responder crews everything they might need in order to rescue patients in car accidents that may be on a steep slope surface. The kit includes steel pickets, webbing, carabiners, and 200′ of kernmantle rope. A stokes basket can also be included for additional cost.

Team MPD Rigging Kit w/ 4 Atom Rescue Harnesses: $12,225.00

50135X Team Rigging Kit 01
High or Low Angle Rope Rescue Kit

When your team needs to perform high or low angle rescue operations. This kit includes the contents of CMC’s Rope Rescue Team Kit, with 4 personal rescue harnesses for rescuers.

Each kit comes with harnesses, helmets, ropes, gear bags, prusiks, pulleys, and more. Everything you may need in a rescue scenario. To see more items in this kit, click here.

SAVOX Con-Space USAR Task Force Kit: $22,230.00

High Angle USAR Task Force Kit

This one of a kind, rugged kit assures effective command and control in high noise and hazardous environments. This is the ideal communication kit for the requirements of confined-space, high-angle, structural-collapse, and trench-rescue operations. This system can be configured for up to five personnel.

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