How much is a gas detector?

A standard gas detector can range in price from $200-$1600+ depending on the appropriate application that you are searching for.

A single gas monitor like the Draeger Pac 6000 will only monitor for one gas depending on the type of gas sensor you would like inside. The monitor pictured below is a monitor for O2 and is priced at $220.00 available from

Draeger Pac 6000 O2 monitor for gas detection in industrial safety applications.

The next step up in a gas monitor would be for a multi gas monitor, and Draeger has a number of multi gas meters that would be perfect for any situation that necessitates multi gas detection.

Pictured below is a Draeger X-am 2500, which is the most basic 4 gas meter Draeger offers. A basic sensor would come with a Cat Ex 125 PR sensor, XXS O2, XXS CO-LC, and XXS H2S-LC gas sensor with an NiMh Battery and Charger Kit for $955.00, not including shipping.

Draeger X-am 2500 for industrial safety gas detection

The most advanced sensor that Draeger has is the X-am 8000 which can measure for up to 7 gases at once. The 8000 can measure toxic, flammable gases and vapors, and oxygen all at once, ensuring that you are covering all your bases when working in an especially volatile environment.

Below is a picture of the 8000. A typical model which comes with battery, shoulder strap, internal pump, a pump adaptor, and inductive charger and power supply starts at $1,889.00. Give Duffy Supply a call if you have questions about configurations and for a formal quote. Our customer service number is 8010-228-7612!

Draeger X-am 8000 Gas Industrial Gas Safety Detector

There are a number of gas detectors out there for every application. All it takes is a little research and guidance in selecting the best detector for your needs. Feel free to give Duffy Supply a call anytime for assistance in your search. 800-228-7612.