What gases does a 4 gas monitor detect?

A typical 4 gas meter for industrial worker protection and safety requirements will detect gases like carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and oxygen (O2). Then, the meter will also have a sensor to detect for the Lower explosive level for a variety of combustible gases.

The Draeger X-AM 5600 is an ideal 4 gas sensor for industrial worker safety, because it’s portable, easy to use, and has an excellent display for accurate readings. Additionally, depending on your environment and the gases you are mostly concerned about being exposed to, you can choose from more than 30 different customizable gas sensors.

The detector also comes with a variety of battery and charger options, all optimized for your budget and situation.

The Draeger 5600 4 gas meter

If any concerning levels are detected by the X-am 5600, an alarm will sound alerting you to the danger in your environment for you to take immediate action.

The alarm is loud and clear, so there will be no mistaking the noise for anything other than a warning sign to you.

With the updates made to the national standard for industrial worker safety by OSHA in 2020, one can never be too safe in protecting their workers. If you need updated gas detection equipment for your industrial workers, oil and gas safety practices, or any other manufacturing safety application, please give us a call at 800-228-7612.

To see OSHA’s new standards, visit this link: https://www.osha.gov/laws-regs/regulations/standardnumber/1910/1910.1000